Reconfigurable Microwave Filters (RMF)

Indiana Microelectronics (IM) uses three dimensional circuit design techniques to produce reconfigurable filters where both the center frequency (fc ) and the bandwidth (Δf ) are programmable in real time.

The core of IM’s reconfigurable filter technology are high Q evanescent mode cavity resonators, which are fabricated using standard microelectronics substrates. Multiple cavity resonators are cascaded to form a multiple pole filter. A cavity’s center post is controlled using a variable capacitor to tune the cavity’s resonant frequency, which in turn determines the reconfigurable filter’s center frequency (fc). A filter’s bandwith (Δf) is controlled by electronic irises that couple resonator cavities.

Reconfigurable Filter High Level Specifications

Center Frequency (fc ) Range
2 GHz to 50 GHz
Bandwidth Percentage (BW%)
up to 50%
Dimensions L x W x D (mm) per Pole1
(for L Band filter – 1 to 2 GHz)
20 x 20 x 5
Volume per Pole1
(for L Band filter – 1 to 2 GHz)
2.0 cm3
(or 2,000 mm3)

1 Dimensions and volume decrease with increasing frequency

Applications include: electronic warfare (EW), co-site interference and jamming mitigation, YIG filter substitution, and tunable local oscillators (LO). IM’s reconfigurable filters have been and continue to be developed under multiple SBIR/STTR/DARPA contracts.


For more information on IM's reconfigurable microwave filters, contact Steve Cuppy (tel: +1-434-426-0980,

Static Microwave Filter

CAD Drawing of 4 Pole RMF


Static Microwave Filter

Picture of 4 Pole RMF